Healing Lives, Empowering Communities: RMO

Bringing healing and empowerment to marginalized communities. Join Rohingya Medics Org. in their mission to provide healthcare, hope, and resilience to those in need.

Bridging Healthcare Gaps: Rohingya Medics Org. Fights for Equality

The Rohingya Medics Org. is an organization formed by Rohingya doctors and international allies to address the dire healthcare situation faced by the Rohingya ethnic minority and other marginalized and conflict-affected communities. They provide lifesaving and life-improving healthcare services based on principles of humanity, impartiality, and universality. Since 2012, they have worked to enhance the quality and sustainability of medical care, aiming to bridge the healthcare gap for those in need. Their mission is to continue their humanitarian work, expand their services, and extend healthcare assistance to host communities as well.

Empowering Healthcare: Rohingya Medics Org. Fostering Sustainable Care and Collaboration

The Rohingya Medics Org. is dedicated to providing sustainable and high-quality medical care to the Rohingya ethnic minority and marginalized communities, regardless of their location. We aim to alleviate human suffering caused by injustice, poverty, and disasters both in Myanmar and globally. We focus on disease prevention through community education and actively engage with the community to improve communication and accountability. We also prioritize training midlevel health workers, nurses, and midwives to handle medical emergencies and enhance clinical skills in the field. Furthermore, we work towards building the capabilities of local healthcare workers by collaborating with them in treating patients, aiming to improve overall health outcomes. We strongly believe in collaboration with other humanitarian and healthcare providers to respond collectively to the suffering caused by conflicts and disasters.

Mission and Projects: Delivering Healthcare, Empowering Communities

Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right. Our vision is to deliver sustainable and high-quality medical care, ensuring easy healthcare access for Rohingya and marginalized communities worldwide, regardless of race and religion.

Identifying healthcare challenges faced by marginalized communities in conflict and hard-to-reach areas worldwide, and developing bold and innovative solutions to address them.

Our projects prioritize delivering healthcare services remotely through Telemedicine, while also actively engaging and working directly in the field. We place significant emphasis on disease prevention through public engagement and education efforts.

Healing lives, transcending boundaries. Rohingya Medics Org. stands as a beacon of hope, providing healthcare with compassion, and empowering communities to build a brighter future together.

— RMO Team